Sinister Bluray Review

Looking for inspiration for his next novel, crime writer Ellison moves his wife and children into the house of a murdered family, only to discover a stack of 8mm snuff films in the attic. The more he delves into the footage, the more he is haunted by the mysterious figure ‘Mr Boogie’.

As someone who does not scare easily, it is a pleasure to say that Sinister is a rare treat to come out of the American film industry because it really delivers. In Hollywood, the horror genre is plagued by weak scares but this is a film that really pays off in jump scenes. In comparison to recent disasters, such as Silent House and the Paranormal Activity sequels, this really is a scary film. One of the most haunting elements is the emphasis on snuff films which have a brutal reality to them; the opening sequence alone can be admired as a real achievement in horror filmmaking. This, combined with the effective score, has a very powerful effect as we see Ellison’s descent into the horrors of Mr Boogie’s world.

The character of Mr Boogie is incredibly effective. The film treads a very fine line with many elements on the verge of being too generic but the whole atmosphere created from the beginning prevents the film from becoming dull or silly. The final act is the weakest part, in a similar way to Insidious, but this does not undermine any of the elements that make the beginning and middle so effective. It’s difficult not to find Sinister creepy on some level because of the brutal reality the snuff film sequences have through the home-video effect. One particularly effective scene involves a lawnmower and a skilled use of sound editing. The sound in Sinister is one of the most impressive aspects because it is so well put together.

Ethan Hawke’s wrinkled forehead is one of the best ways to convey the sense of anxiety his character feels. This, combined with effective jump sequences and top quality sound editing, is enough to make most people feel a little on edge. For horror fans this is definitely worth seeing because it proves that some good content is still coming out of the genre, even if it is rare these days.

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