Sahara Blu Ray

SAHARA, Brooke Shields, 1983, ©MGM

A race across the desert is the best possible way to prove that a women is as good as a man. When Dale (Shields) father dies, she wants to make his dream come true. He was a racing driver and his ultimate racing machine was to take part in the Sahara race. She travels to the Sahara and sets out to take part in a men only race. Problem is that a desert tribal war has broken out between the bedouins and these tribes are being equipped by various sides. These sides want to win and care little about the violence. The tribes will also stop at nothing to win.Racism, sexism, xenophobic orientalist films of the 80s are like a bad taste in the mouth.

S2They have paper thin political ideology and awful amounts of dead ethnic people. Yes Cannon were very culpable for these type of film, taking aim at the enemy (perceived in truth) of America at the time, Islamic Fundamentalism. Cannon also took stock of their own background and the Israel connection. This crafts an interesting film and Sahara has real depth. Its trying to reflect the power play of the international countries (colonials in this case) and also has a connection to the rebellion of afterwards.

S1Its by no means a great film in the stand of script or ideas but is a well pieced together one by MacLanglan. This is my polite way of saying that Golan and Globus were cowboys, who were good capitalists but in my opinion poor film makers. This said they were occasionally brave enough to fund a film like this. MacLanglen got the gig because his Wild Geese is a belter and should not be given to Guy (Mockney dads a baron) Richie to remake. This films takes the film form of that but mixes it with a romantic epicness that he is comfortable with but also clever enough to execute in an exploitation way. I suspect this is because he worked with a varied group of film types. By working with people as high profile as Wayne and Burton, as well as in the indie market and in the mix of cinema of shooting coverage and set pieces, he crafts a very modern film that an audience of today will like. He also makes the film more solid for it as well.

The disc is vanilla but the price is low enough that we can enjoy it. Not a great but worth a punt.


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