Following a catastrophe that devastates the Earth and her fine eco systems, the crew of an international corporations space station are trapped in orbit. The station commander Hannah Wagner ( Julia Franz Richter) is stuck with a precarious set of decisions to make. Can she lead those on the base? Can she help resolve Dimitri Krylow (Mark Ivanir) the chief science office, serious case of concern over their future? Can she connect with Corporation officer Gavin Abbott (George Blagden), who has the problem of being in the programme, for reasons of birth over skill? The new European co production sci fi film RUBIKON, might have the name of the river running through Italy, but it is not as free flowing or clean as that particular tributory. It balances a very instinctive set of ideas, but lands them with a rather heavy deliver. The reasons are many but boil down to two things…. First, the direction. Heavy, stilted, hard. Second, A lack of narrative drive that moves the piece and finally, and the worst of all. The films central characters are all very vague. Very empty people. It does have some positives. The motivation to give the viewer everything they need in a series of boxes ticked is avoided here, like an American movie of the smae would. The film uses CGI in a subtle and sometimes intellegent way. But in the end, the film, like the planet is a toxic mess.

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