Roobarb and Custard the complete collection DVD Review

roobarb and custard bob godfreyCats and dogs can live together in harmony. We however as an audience want a little strife and chaos. Thankfully so do Roobarb and Custard, a dog and cat duo that are both up to tricks and out to trick each other. Roobarb is a lovable dog with yellow fur and a cheeky grin. He has a gentle heart but is always trying to get ahead and a bone or two. Custard is a dastardly cat, coloured purple and with a sly but adorable smile. He has a taste for fun, excitement and also a little bit of cheeky stuff we all love.

rb3The animated series of Roobarb and Custard have been a staple of many a childhood. Their carefree fun and antics recall Tom and Jerry but they have a level of anarchy. This anarchy helped blend the 80s rebellion of people and the new found animated styles that cheaper production allowed. Add to this Bob Godfreys amazing animated vision and Richard Briers voice… It is delightful and funny. It is also a little dated and even the 1995 version feels a little old in visual product. It however has a great sense of heart. This makes up a lot in the whole.

RB2However even as an adult I found that one made me watch two, two then lead to three and so on. You might have kids or be a big kid yourself. Watch it with an open heart and you will smile… The discs are empty apart from content but with 345 mins of this joy you probably will not care. Simply Media have a gem on their hands…

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