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Megan Leavey ( Kate Mara)is wandering through life when she stumbles into the US Marine corp.  Advancing up to a corporal, Megan works toward being a dog handler. Starting as the bait for a bunch of K9 training dogs. Dressed as a human cushion that might be about to fight back, she gets a real pasting. After being bitten, mauled and even licked into submission, Megan wants to give up. Then a break. Promoted to an advanced role and training level, Megan now gets a tin box that is dressed up as a dog.  Megan finds it dull. Climbing and tumbling through a course, it appears she can never get near a real dog.  After Rex attacks  his handler, Megan is given a chance at taking on a real dog. Albeit an angry and uncontrollable dog. The pair are sent to Iraq together. Facing the war on terror face to face…

The most interesting starting point about this film is its title. It was originally called Meghan Leavey in the US. The reason it was called this, well put simply, American patriotism. Now it has been re branded as REX. Distancing from the go America campaign and connecting it to a human (or should I call canine) condition. Rex is a far better film then its patriotism types would accept. Its intelligent enough to know it must keep its narrative fixed and straight. Its personal enough to focus on Meghan and her journey alongside Rex. This is helped by Kate. She balances the film. She is tender, warm and allows for the lite pathos to cross over. We are often in very safe positions in truth however. Safe in that the audience never has to expect side swipes or shifts. It keeps you on a path which never wavers or in truth exposes us to doubt. Rex is a building piece. It has all the power of many canine/ animal with human bonding films but it gets you home without tears.

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