Those boys Ronnie (Joe Mullaney) and Will (Vincent Friell) are just two of many, living in Thatcher’s Britain as economic gloom bites. They are RESTLESS NATIVES. Poor in money but rich in charm and gall. Concocting a plan to improve their lot, they decide that the coachload of tourists that are traversing the highlands, are rich pickings indeed. Armed with a vial of itching powder, a fake Luger and strapped to a Suzuki bike. The money of the region was almost solely derived from the influx of tourism. Local industry was decimated, finance focused on big names and big projects. The little people, it seemed were simply irritants for those buccaneers, who knew how to make money.

Michael Hoffman take on contemporary Scotland holds up today. The two lads are living on a housing estate in Edinburgh that is still there and still economically pressed. But it is how things progress, which is fantastic. Those boys, now known as Wolf man and The Clown, are a media sensation. Globally, News organisations are enveloped in the story. So the media and in particular, the general public, myth build around legends. Rob Roy is mentioned regularly, Scottish warriors sticking it to English oppression. So is Robin Hood, as they drive through the estates of Scotland, raining down money from ill gotten gains to the locals. Taking from the rich to give back to those robbed directly by them.

The restoration doubles up the piece as a historical piece and a part of a cycle of Scottish films. The Audio Commentary details a lot of the productions aims and experiences of local people and the era of economic blight. Director and cast were deeply involved. They also get that it had to be a blend of laughs and longer notes to the period. Ninian Dunnett absorbed a heavy dose of this also. Speaking passionately but also with hindsight about its effects on the story. The local community response and that great ending. That is what makes RESTLESS NATIVES a better, longer living film that transcends its roots. Well that and its excellent soundtrack.



Audio Commentary With Director Michael Hoffman, Writer Ninian Dunnett and Producer Andy Patterson
A Restless Retrospective: Creating A Caledonian Classic
Soundtrack For A Not-so-big-country: The Music of Restless Natives
Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery

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