RED CON – 1 Blu Ray review

Red Con-1 is released by 101 Films this week… but will the stalking dead hit get their prey or will it be a soggy misfire? A pandemic has unleashed a zombie apocalypse. Eight Special Forces soldiers are assigned a mission. Rescue the scientist believed responsible and find out if he has a cure.  It might be suicide as the city is ruled by the rampaging undead.

Set in London but shoot anywhere but, Red Con-1 is the sort of late night after beer and pizza fare that will (to coin a phrase) go down well at the ABC Elephant. Its high octane, high concept, action spilling over piece that junkies of either the genre or the style will adore. However I hated it. Chee Keong Cheung hasn’t shot a film in a decade and it shows. The direction is limp, the action lacks bite and the whole feels empty when it gets going. Cheung makes merge genre action films that are often workable and have moments. This is absent from Red Con -1 in totality. I think it also didn’t help that the story, ideas and characters are dull and by the numbers. In all this is a film that you should be paid to see…

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