People Just Do Nothing Seasons 1-3 DVD Review

pjdn3Kurupt FM is the pirate radio station that has Brentford in its garage bass line thrall (well some of it at least!). The series follows the exploits of the station and its crew. MC Grindah is the governor and radio head. DJ Beats, Decoy and the live in help, Steves all look after things for him. Chabuddy G is the local sales man and man of the people that gets them money and merchandise. Miche is Grindah lady and also mother to his daughter (some doubt remains on this one however!)

pjdn4I hadn’t seen this series before. I knew about it from the peripheral vision of iPlayer but had not experimented with the show. People Just Do Nothing is based on a web series produced by comedian and star Asim Chaudhry. The reason I feel now that I didn’t watch was that it is very close to my own time spent in and on pirate radio stations and within the DJ culture. I also know many a DJ still sticking onto the 95 garage scene, 89 Happy Hardcore scene or the 98 Trance scene. I remember faces and voices like these and the series has great insight into how the hangover of the 90s DJ culture has hurt many a man in his ambition and dream and this satire keeps giving us detail and keeps getting it right. The series has at its heart a reflective discussion on how those left over from any time, have and try still to remain relevant after said era has gone.  It sends up also modern society and its total obsession with self.

pjdn2All the series undertones allow us to see the life of its characters as people coming to terms with this lack of relevance. They are living in the past, present and then haphazardly staggering into the future. Its true to life aspects make its rewarding, tender, funny and occasionally very unsettling to watch. Take the hapless lover Chubuddy and his relationship with his Polish wife or the parentage of Miche daughter and the very nice guy that is Decoy. Grindah’s total lack of cultural reality and his labelling of everything in very comical terms (under the assumptions of very funny stereotypes). All this combines to make a series that gives us the world of people that do nothing and do it with great comedy.

pjdn1It comes to us on three discs and with a host of extras.

Contains all 15 episodes from Series One, Two and Three and the following special features and extras:


Features exclusive DJ Deck pakaging

Exclusive Champagne Steam Rooms Flyer


Commentaries on 9 episodes


Chabuddy s Gudie to Hounslow

Miche s Miracles<\p>

Grinder s Prison Stories

DJ Steve s Alien Encounters

Lost In Wickes

Inspiration (Grindah & Beats)


Parent Classes


Valentine s Day Set

8 Hour Set


Baby Shower

Dad Advice

Sat Nav

Hartford House



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