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Paddington 2 builds on the first film but its irksome take on London, proves just how out of touch the world and middle class English people are. Aunt Lucy 100th Birthday is coming up and Paddington wants to get her a lovely gift. When he finds a pop up book of London in Mr Gruber’s antique store, hes thrilled. It will mean some hard work but Paddington is ready for it. Washing windows, sweeping gutters and cleaning dogs. He will do anything to earn enough. On the day he is too collect it, the shop is burgled. The pop up book is taken and Paddington is framed for the crime. Can he clear his name?

I liked the first film in that way you like marmalade. Sweet but sickly, only good on one thing and can be irritating if over consumed. For children this film is funny, silly and playful. With a bear that can Pratt fall and poke fun delightfully. We have a panto arranged in front of our eyes. Rich in comedy. Peaking with Grant, here in his element. We also have a touching tale. A tale about the rewarding bond we share. For adults its a harder sell. The film reminded me of the Tory problem. David Cameron and his ilk, had no idea about how anyone but them lived. This is Paddington’s issue. Pitching London as an imagined utopia. This is a London that only tourists would buy into. Filled with abundance. Everyone lives in lovely homes and lives happy, glorious lives. Bar the villain of course. Deeply worrying in the current climate. Some will shout at me. why does this matter? Well it matters because non UK based citizens will buy into this lie. London is at a deeply decisive point and this plays into that. One day a group of left wing radical types will watch this. They will examine it as the work of the bourgeoisie. I am just saying what is too come. Dont hate me.

The extras are a good blend for the disc. The commentary is playful and adds some context to the huge work load of all involved in the film. The ‘Rain’ scene is a hoot. The making of also reveals a lot of components that are unexpected. The Q and A is little more than promotion…

  • Director’s Commentary
  • ‘Rain on the Roof’ with Phoenix Buchanan – Full Screen
  • Paddington 2: The Challenge of Making the Film
  • BAFTA Q&A with David Heyman, Paul King, Simon Farnaby, Hugh Grant and Pablo Grillo

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