Occupation DVD review

What happens when small town Australia is over run by Aliens bent on harvesting humans? Not sure? Never thought about it? Don’t care? Well OCCUPATION has come along to answer just that question. In a copy paste, universally descriptive to all who have seen Australian soaps style town, not much is happening bar the annual fair. Wait a flash in the sky, a whoosh in the air and all hell breaks loose.  Airborne space invasion sees thousands slaughtered by silver alien ships. Hundreds captured by silver alien creatures and a few escape to plain humankind’s resistance. Will the aliens be happy to simply give up?

Independence day meets neighbour. That is what one reviewer stated on IMDB. I can see where their assumption comes from. It certainly pinches enough of the former films ideas. Then of course it also nicks a few actors from soaps of the regions finest also. This however is off the mark. I feel closer to what another stated. Because it is something much more telling ‘ Good natured guff’. That is what you have here. Nothing challenging. Nothing to blow the socks off. It proves the director could work on lower budget Hollywood fare. Its a knock about piece of post production, post Osploitation, post golden age sci fi schlock. It has lots of bang, pretty people and incoherent plotting. The script is one dimensional, the acting is even more so and it is directed with the sole intent to blow stuff up. It sometimes lacks grace. Often lacks flare and can just about gather ideas together, without a legal issue for copyright infringement. This said, it is lean, has camera moves Michael Bay would be awed by and keeps itself together until its final act. Is it worth watching? Only if you like aliens and humans blowing holes in each other…


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