Norm of the North DVD review

NON1He cant hunt, fish, be cool or even relate to his family. He is the bumbling fool called Norm and he lives in the north pole… but all is not lost for this white furred dope. You see he is set for something big. He might just save everyone and everything in this white barren wilderness. Norm has a gift that makes for some unexpected situations. He can talk to humans. So when ruthless property developers have eyes on the pole, he has to set out to stop them building. Norm travels all the way to the big city in order to speak to someone in charge….

NON2Lionsgate is a strong and very creative studio. They have in truth bridged the gap between art and commerce well enough. They need to focus on these areas because to challenging the big boys you need a USP. Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and Fox have animation houses that create and control massive market spaces, so it made sense in a way for Lionsgate to challenge. In truth you need something special or a USP. Norm of the North was considered that special USP.

NON3Sadly here they have mis fired and mis fired big. The film looks, sounds and feels awful. Dull script, animation that I could have done on a Mac. The animation is weak, empty and feels very rushed.Kids will bore of it and if they have seen ANY Pixar release recently like say Finding Dory, they will be shocked at the amateur feel. I wouldnt mind but the film also trys to rip off Penguins of Madagascar. I loved the Penguins and am sad to see such a terrible film, take off from a minor classic like that. This is criminal if you want people to spend on watching it, now you could forgive poor animation if the story had something deeper to say but this doesnt even reach for that. I despair at how bad this film is and how much you feel that you have been cheated.

DVD has…. dont bother

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