Night of the Demons 2 Blu ray review

88 Films have really UPPED their game this Blu ray outing. Usually you get a solid enough release but with NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 we are seeing the future…and its really good. Six years after Hull House and the evil goings on, we are back. It Halloween and Angela’s about to return from her vacation in Hell. Her parents committed suicide after receiving a Halloween card from her and she needs to reunite the family with the soul of her sister ‘Mouse’ (Merle Kennedy). Will she be successful?

Brian Trenchard Smith crossed from Aussie director of substance to another unknown film person, when he arrived in Hollywood. After a few false starts he was given straight to video NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2. What he gave us is as good as the original film, with loads of gloop, fluids and belly laughs. Trenchard Smith skill (if you know his work then you know) is to get every last bit of budget onscreen. The audience get the stunning visual effects (watch the interview to see how Steve Johnson spent wisely). Trenchard Smith other skill is to tell a story without scrimping and this is his best film (almost). They also get a well structure, shot, edited and written piece that also develops visual flourish, characters and VFM. The new transfer really draws all of this out onto the screen. The guys at 88 films have made a great film, stunning. They have also allowed that bat shit, head lopping final third to stand out. Finally all of this is detailed in the superb booklet.

“Interview with Effects Guy, Steve Johnson

Booklet Notes by Film Journalists Dave Wain and Matty Budrewicz”

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