New World Blu Ray

After Chairman Seok Dong-chool is killed in a mysterious car accident. The  Goldmoon International corporate crime syndicate have a problem. They need to name a successor and find out what actually happened. The Candidates are Jung Chung, Lee Joong-gu, and Jang Su-ki. Goldmoon. Two are favourites and One is considered a clown. Jung Chung is the head of the Chinese-descended Northmoon clan. Lee Joong-gu is the former second-in-command. Jang Su-ki, is the vice chairman of Goldmoon. However within one of these lies an undercover cop, double cross and a explosive secret.

South Korean cinema has been on the accent for the last 20 years. Its best work has often meditated on the dark climbs within the birth pangs of the republic or its current political manifestation. Take A Bittersweet Life or Memoirs of a Murder as examples of this. New World has the shifting gang wars that split apart political society in both eras mixed with the shifted alliances of big finance in modern society. New World takes some of its cue from the Chinese film Infernal Affairs. Owing a debt to the ideas that film played on. Exploring the duality of criminal and authority agent and how alike crime gangs are in regard to management, to a government or even a major business establishment. This said it then moves onto greener pastures and has a fresher take on the rather now staid and covered idea. It begins to introduce elements of succession, detection and a person being out of place in a new world. This final point is really taken up by the introduction of Chinese criminality to the established Korean order. A casual swipe if you will. Though it is not social commentary, just a measure of simple film genre taking on new world markets and nodding to them. These little stabs are there in other ways.

Take the direction that is swift, honed and gets to the point. Scenes run and words are fired like machine guns at the other actor and back again. Like a skirmish. It works well at what it sets out to achieve. Don’t be deceived however. In doing this, it is not worthy of going into the books of exception. Its the story that lacks punch and seems to stick to numbers and convention in the end. There will be a trilogy in the series and if like many, this is the high point then it does deserve a 2nd and 3rd outing but it will less than wow those who has seen much of it before.

• Stunning 1080p presentation (On the Blu-ray), with a progressive encode on the DVD
• 5.1 Surround and Stereo soundtrack options
• Optional English subtitles
• Trailer

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