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nheadNerve is a game like no other. It sees random people either choose to be a watcher and tell people what to do or a player and take on a series of dares and try to collect followers. The more they complete the more they win in money. This leads to a final round, one on one to decide the ultimate winner and the ultimate loser….Vee wants to be noticed and be cool. She wants to be like her friends and take a risk maybe. So she becomes a player in Nerve and now the game has begun and she is on a roller coaster ride of her life.

n4Nerve is like that fear all parents have about their kids. Its the fear of what happens to my child as they are slowly drawn into that small box they call a phone. What happens to the person and what are they exposed to. Now Nerve plays on this fear and then builds on another. Yes that old classic teenage sexuality. What happens if my child becomes a sexual being and demands to have control of their body? It takes on these two questions with vigour enough but also relays on 4 very tried and tested motifs. The 3 act simple script was the first, the beautiful leads second, the teen angle third and the solid surrounding cast as forth.

n1Yes this is all expected but the problem was that it made the whole rather soggy and dull. it has the tech on the nose, granted and the social media obsession with the back pat but the problem I had with it was that in the end it was just a Hollywood vehicle for two dynasty’s (Well kind of at least.) Though both are very likeable and add a spark to some scenes, it always feels to safe, too secure to have any threat or any bite. Some scenes then fall on tension because you feel they are not working because of the disconnection.

Disc is plain enough but the Blu Ray seems superb however. The extras below are all the usual blah…


  • Creating Nerve” – 15 Character Pods
  • “The Fat Jewish Gets Tattewish” Outtakes
  • “The Governor’s Ball Takeover” – Social Media Stars in a Game of Dare

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