My Hero Academia Season 2, Part 2

We return to the post sports festival world of MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 2, Part 2. We remember how that tested everyone and now this will seem like a walk in the park. With the U.A High School about to start their internships with superheroes, Izuku Midoriya and his friends are likely to see many problems. Training is going to be tough, with it being for some deadly. Especially when a serial killer Hero Killer : Stain arriving and setting to work with gusto.

Sitting and watching the development of this series has actually reawakened my respect for the anime art form. Riddled with action, comedy and drama. Though it is the ending and not the starting of the series. You will need to be up to date (Watch Season 2 part 1…) The best parts of the season are those that deal with raw energy. So for instance the training for the placements is electric in places and captures a new energy for the series. The worse part is the under written end of the season. Its just a little obvious by its conclusion.

Why not buy the set if you are a fan. It literally comes with everything in the picture! On the disc is a few extras of note. The San Diego Comic Con is hit and miss. It lacks any insight and seems to be restrained. The inside the episodes feature is very good for the work involved in each episode. But the title songs are the real money spenders…

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