Messenger of Death Blu Ray review

MOD1The murder of a close knit family of Mormons sets the whole community against each other. You see two brothers have been at logger heads since the family farm was split and the sides had to choose who went with whom. When a big shot journo comes in from out of town to investigate the murders, the sides wont speak to him. He thinks something is wrong with the murder and the following handling by many parties. However when the situation reveals other murky details of water, energy and oil in to the mix, guns will be drawn, assassins will  surface and war will be declared.

MOD4So much cinema and so little time to see it all. I love the films that see film of the past and idolise them as divine objects. They stick to safe courses that being the classical narrative style of cinema. That have great corner stone directors like J Lee Thomson or took great stock actors like John Ireland and use them well enough. Golan and Globus or Cannon made quite a few of these and some like this were good. The film is no masterpiece, the original novel also was not. It is a safe vehicle for Bronson and he does well with his measured and hard act. I for one was stuck to the screen and felt that the final twist played out very much as expected but with dynamic enough results.

MOD3The Blu ray looks ok with the 1080 transfer. I feel that the full joy of the transfer is in the interior scenes at the end. These have been given a fresher lick of that visual paint and as such have a shine. Its the lack of extras in truth that leave me a little cold. The booklet interview is ok enough but it needs more to spend money and time on.

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