March of the Penguins 2 Blu Ray review

The penguins return for another season. This time it is focused on the day to day life of a mother and father. They start with the meeting. The mating dance and the falling in love. Then an egg is produced. This must be cared for in the bitter cold. Some don’t make it but our penguin egg survives. So the mother can fish the father looks after the baby egg. Then the little chick breaks free of its shell prison. Now into the cold blizzards of snow and ice. Into the wild the father goes, as the mother returns. Nature it seems has patterns and so do penguins.

MARCH OF THE PENGUINS 2 looks literally stunning. If you have 4K and want to see it at its most dynamic then this is the Blu Ray for you. The shimmering sea, twinkles and the water is crisp and clean. The penguins shine and white and black coats are rich in depth and texture. However I have to admit, little else of this is worth writing home about.

If you want to see either the original film or an average nature documentary, that could be seen on say the Animal Planet strand of the BBC say, then seemingly you have your film. It goes over ground already covered in the previous film, it labours points and only once differs by introducing global warming. This lacks clarity and so MARCH OF THE PENGUINS 2 is just simply a visually suped up version of its predecessor.

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