Manhunter – 25th Anniversary Edition – Blu-Ray Review

manhunterThis week saw the release of Michael Man’s classic thriller MANHUNTER. The film was the first ever adaptation of Thomas Harris’s novel ‘Red Dragon’ and unleashed the infamous Hannibal Lector onto cinema audiences.

The role of Dr. Lector is played by Brian Cox, who brings a different edge to the character which is now associated with Anthony Hopkins.

Retired FBI profiler Will Graham (William Petersen, To Live and Die in L.A.) is asked by his former boss Jack Crawford (Dennis Farina, Snatch) to assist with a case that has everyone puzzled and frustrated. His task would be to study and profile the elusive Tooth Fairy (Tom Noonan, Heat), a serial killer who kills only during full moon nights.

Ignoring his wife’s (Kim Greist) protests, Graham begins researching the case. Soon, however, he concludes that the Tooth Fairy will be impossible to profile without external help – which is why he decides to approach an old foe, Dr. Hannibal Lector (Brian Cox, Troy, X-Men 2), who is currently serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison thanks to him. Like Graham, Dr. Lector is also a brilliant profiler who can get into the mind of men and understand what drives them to kill.

Dr. Lector immediately shows interest in the case but also begins manipulating Graham, who is running out of time as the next full moon night is just around the corner. Eventually he gives Graham a helpful tip about the Tooth Fairy’s modus operandi, but also secretly informs him that the FBI’s best profiler is after him.

Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy befriends a lonely blind woman (Joan Allen, In Country) and then slowly becomes emotionally involved with her. However, he views their relationship as a serious and ultimately unneeded distraction affecting the quality of his work.

An excellent addition to any Blu-ray collection, the audio and visual clean up has been expertly done. For any fan of the Hanibal Lector series of books/films this is a must see/buy movie.

Extras include:
Trailer – the original theatrical trailer for Manhunter.

Inside Manhunter – an excellent featurette in which various cast members recall their contribution to Michael Mann’s Manhunter.

The Manhunter’s Look – cinematographer Dante Spinotti discusses the unique framing, lighting and use of color seen in Manhunter.

Director’s Cut – the director’s cut of Manhunter.

Director’s Cut With Audio Commentary – the director’s cut of Manhunter with an audio commentary by director Michael Mann.

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