Macbeth DVD Review

Macbeth DVD Review
4.0Overall Score

MAC2We all know this story. Its a greed and gore fest type of thing. Macbeth is a warrior, a commander, a husband but importantly he is not king. Lady Macbeth will never let it rest but neither will his ego or his repressed desire to lead. He wants to be king of the land he has fought and spilled blood for. Kingship is a hard thing to get however. He has fought so hard for others, taken the lives of the enemy on the field of war. After a final victory he has to take his place on the throne. He must stand up and lead but he also must not break down social conventions. During celebrations at his camp by the current King Duncan and as a way to rejoice at the winning of more land, he sees Duncan crown his son the successor. He bursts and Lady Macbeth screams fool. Now he has to spill blood of his former master and take the land and its kingship before he can bare no more.

MACHEADMuch has been said about this. Great film makers often go back to the bard for inspiration and to have a crack at that work of depths unfathomable. This is a multi dimensional retelling with soul and grace. It is also Fassbender’s film. He is its rock and its core. He keeps you engaged and allows for the various depths to be explored and exposed. He makes it feel so natural, yet has so much in his tone of voice, place of body and facial grammar. He can lift and find a moment so often that you will find it hard to see anyone else. Michael your work here is extra ordinary and proves that you are one of this worlds greatest actors and film persons. The rest of the cast are good but in any scene with Fassbender they are lost in the realm of his majesty. He is a delight and the film becomes amazing because of it.

MAC3The disc is a worthy purchase as well. Great extras on the making and the history of the film. The transfer is excellent and plays well on a smaller screen.  It all adds up to a must buy and an addition to the film library that you will revisit again. If not only for Fassbender.

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