Looking Glass DVD review

A motel in nowhere, desert town USA. A couple moving Ray (Nicholas Cage) and his wife Maggie (Robin Tunney) move into the place as the old owner has sold up. Its a quiet and consistent place. Desert dust blows around, neon lights hum and traffic slowly glides along the street. Guests come and go like water in the clear pool drains. One guest is a truck driver, a regular guy who sleeps with women in room 10. Another is a woman who seems to want to stay indefinitely and sit absorbing that UV. Then there is the cop, who swaggers in and out without any care. All seems fine. Until the woman disappears…and a dead pig is left floating in the pool.

Nicholas Cage has some tax issues. He also has some wide ranging debt issues due to his property portfolio. Now the reason I mention this is simple enough. He is according to rumour at the very least, taking anything he can get to pay off these bills. So along comes a wide range of mediocre films that often feel like straight to DVD, VOD or bargain basement fodder. It is expected when you see a film with Cage now, you hold on for a thrilling ride. Some of these films are oddities. Others are so bad they are good gems. Some are religious or big name director troubled pieces and then you get Looking Glass. A thriller which runs a very fine line between utterly awful and flat out parody.  Cage seems to be staggering through this films screenplay, filled as it is with ever increasingly outrageous ideas. Conversations drive around aimlessly. The narrative seems to lose interest in itself and the whole focus seems to build for the first 30 minutes well and then utterly collapse. Cage seems to know of the wide range of sub quality work he is working on and here he doesn’t even attempt at making it more. Its not very good or worth watching….





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