Looking for Richard DVD Review

lfr2Performing the Bard can come with a variety of pitfalls and problems. In this documentary on the production of a single performance of Richard the III, actor and Oscar winner Al Pacino explores the many issues with making the Bard relevant in modern times. Talking to people that have worked with the Bard’s work, philosophers, well known acting types and even modern film making stars that know his work and have performed on stage.

lfr3Taking the Bards work as a starting point and then expanding on it, Pacino gives us a dexterous examination of the works of Shakespeare and modernity. It is valid to explore classics in a way that make them communicable to modern audiences. Pacino exposes the problem of how that works, how the subjects in the works are eternal and how the performer has adapted to gauge it. I love that Pacino has the range to pull this off and the love of the subject to make it interesting to layman and academic alike.

lfr1By using styles of Cinema Veritie, Theatre and interviews, we find the subject revolutionary. It becomes a captivating mix of subjects always lead on by a Pacino who is just thrilled to be exploring his subject. I found the film bold in its treatment, imaginative in its telling and Intelligent in its grappling with subject but not overall dense or incomprehensible for many. This is a subject that can quickly become a barrier to entry but Pacino makes it easy. He makes it so easy that you will find yourself wanting more and more. Well done sir. Well done.

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