Longford DVD review

Lord Longford was a vociferous campaigner for prisoner rights, standing up in the House of Lords and then parliament (later also to do so for the anti pornography movement). He was a later convert to Catholicism and this seems to have left a deep laid emotional connection to societies outcasts. So when he visited Myra Hindley in Jail, the question raised was why he had done so? She was the monster who had murdered children. Longford stood up and said he was there for anyone, but was she?

On the surface we have a film which is historical in nature but political in context. Under this surface, we have a film that extrapolates the darkness harboured within the lives of the Moors Murderers and the power to forgive even this. Its most uncomfortable when we view it from the perspective of shared humanity. The awful callousness of people who cruelly murdered children and recorded these acts, as if it were normal. The film never excuses them or in fact us from this. Nor does it judge Lord Longford for his christian position. His action of contrition is exemplary. It is also deeply difficult to embrace this without giving something to it. It is a study in how we can hope and how this can be destructive.

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