Seth Rogan AND Charlize Theron returns to our screens in a political comedy that satirises the current climate of President as personality, Trump and his merry band of delusionals and of course the ultimate, America as hacked nation. One is a comedy hero and the other an oscar winner.

The tale of a famous renegade journalist (Rogan) being fired from his day job. Then finding his first crush and current Secretary of State (Theron) offer him another role to push her forward to a new role. As President no less. Along the way, they find something spark between them. The real question now is, was it funny?  The short answer is, not as much as it thinks. It tries to make us laugh. Does in the moments it takes on Nazism, Sexism and even Racism. However it does feel too self knowing and too tick box.

Then it flops around. The script fails to really achieve the set up. It plays to the crowd far too much. It keeps dapping its brow and patting its back as hard as possible. Even the extras are a bundle of studio crap and dire, dull well dones to the cast. Rogan is so better than this. He is a man who gets very funny, very quickly. Here it slops and swells. Never quite finishing.

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