Live Like A Cop, Die Like A Man Blu Ray

One looks one way…the other…

Two cops Fred and Aldo are out on the prowl. They are looking for criminals that are either about to commit a robbery or organise a murder. When these criminals actually attempt to steal from a bank, they mixed with the wrong guys. They attack a woman with a handcuffed suitcase and the cops cut them off, springing into action they flee but the two cops follow. Chasing through the streets on motorbikes and culminating in a high speed collision. The two robbers are dead, well almost until the cops finish off the job. So begins the life of these two. Cops on the rough side of the law. They want the streets clean and the law enforced. They kill whoever they have to and deal with anyone that might give them an edge. Violence and action follows them everywhere. High octane and blood splatting murders, gore splashing eye gouging and fast paced motorbike movements. Its going to get messy….

Violent much

Italian cinema of the 60s, 70s and 80s was obsessed. It was obsessed with the replication of films that had been hits in the American or international box office. Often it was the case that great films were merged together in order to make a single film, benefiting from the double bubble effect (A term used in the sales industry to mean a twice as beneficial opportunity coming from a single source.) This film took on that mantle in spades! It is an over the top merge of Dirty Harry and The French Connection. Much of the film builds also on the buddy film gene that was also big around the same time. Now there is a problem, the dark male heart is very unpalatable as it reflects the 70s rather ignorant ideas on sexual politics. But once you view it mixed in with some casual violence and even a dirty little bit of illogical sex and you have a film that is empty fun, excessive action and a just little worse for wear after so many years.

Cops…old school style

Now to the disc itself-

The transfer is lovely and as always 88 films pick gems. Even if these gems are a little sleazy. The print leaned up nicely enough with only the occasional hint of wear. The dubbing is as per films of the era and you will hear voices that are very familiar. The subs are weak and a little dull but the script is not a masterpiece. The cover and art card are great but the lack of other meat might put some off….I say buy it for the film that is a knock about bit of fun….


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  1. Steve

    The transfer is terrible,with vertical lines in the image for the whole running time

    • Simon Kennedy

      Hi Steve

      It might be your version. The one I saw was as clean as a whistle bar a little wear and tear…I can send it to you if you like?


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