L’Eclisse Blu Ray

Face in the mirror...

Vittoria breaks up from her older lover. He is clinging on but she wants him gone from her life. Now she is free and wants to return to her former life. Taking a taxi to visit her mother at the stock exchange she meets a young and bold stock broker. He becomes a part of his life but not until she meets a white woman from Kenya, who is a neighbour. They talk and she explores the world of Africa and how the modern world was in such flux. Slowly the relationship between her and the stockbroker grows. This growing together however is not a natural thing, it is a slow motion, gravitational pull. Those relationships that are simply done because it is easier than not doing it. He is a man of money and ownership. A rich man in a poor mans shell. The end will lead us along the path of self, self destruction, self abadonment and above all self decline.

Al Jolson spun in his grave...

This film and its director have been analysed and critiqued by people far more intelligent and thoughtful than me. I could say this is the winner of the Special Jury Prize at Cannes or that this is the sort of film that is arthouse heaven. This is so already said. I want to say that the film should be watched not as entertainment but as a lecture by its director. Some have said it is over stylised. They are right. Some have said it is too complex in themes. They are very wrong. Antonioni constructs his visual frame like that like of a painter but he does it in a way that it should be watched and each piece consumed. If you love the craft of mise en scene as subconscious narrative tool, then this is a masterpiece of the form. It tells you that people are consumed by space, money and the systems that apparently control them. Take also his very direct attack on colonialism. This is superb in both its visual and verbal conversation. You must watch the film and explore its motifs.

I smelt it too

So do the visual motifs get the treatment deserved on the Blu Ray? Well the image is sharp and the black scale is brilliant. It is a standard 1080p transfer but this has been stunning and remains so. The score is a little rough in places. I felt the transfer had failed to iron out previous DVD problems of highs disappearing. The subtitles also are the same dull ones from before and lack care. My sadness with this would have been absolved but for the lack of any good extras on the film and on the man. An Interview with Jose Moure is a fine thing but to pay top money for this, give me top extras.

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