Last Girl Standing DVD Review

LGS1After surviving the deer killer slaughter in the woods, Camryn (Akasha Banks Villalobos) has had to rebuild her life and her sanity. She is working in a dry cleaners and living in a small one bedroom flat. She stays awake all night and stays alone from the world all day. This might be how she will stay forever but the unlikely addition of a new guy into the team, Nick (Brian Villalobos) might have her becoming human again. Then the deer killer reappears and all might be lost…

LGS3The aftermath and pyschologial effect of a horrific event is rarely examined by slasher films. At this point many will be shouting ‘what about any horror sequel idiot…?’ Yes good point but the problem there is that they are dealing with a next part, a event after an event we have seen. This film is dealing with a fragment and an event that has left a single person in tatters. A film like this lives and dies on three things. One is the script. This is effective and well structured. Bravo to Benjamin R Moody for this. He makes it genre challenging and convention contorting. He layers and builds to a point past expectation, which lets this revision to horror work a treat.

LGS4Secondly is a great central perfromance.  To make this convincing you need an actor with range and a cast that offer them room. Both must come together and allow the body of the film to have depth. They do here and bravo to Akasha Banks Villalobos. She has the right balance of hard fighter and a damaged victim. She also has the ability to curb excess. this makes the frights harder and the shock, tense. Occasionally she does come across as a personality void but that is tempered enough.

LGS2The third thing needed is a director with skill. Moody has this often. He gives a good idea and a solid script, more. More power, more poise and more process. By this I mean he adds the hit that makes the violence hurt. Poise is in the film making and production, which I imagine made the editing easy. The process is in the conventions, which though expected are still well executed. My only down side is that Moody has to send the film down a safer route.

Frightfest have hit the mark with the film choice and the great release. A good film is given additional extras that are well worth paying for. Commentary is the standout… So tonight you might just be in for the delight of your life…

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