Label Feature for Signal One : Q and A with JAMES SHIMMIN

I had the honour of sitting down with Label head (and all around film lover and nice person) JAMES SHIMMIN of Signal One to discuss the what started it off, how they decide on their releases, Why they are sticking with Dual format while some others are not and what the future holds for the label. I didnt mention that Guillermo Del Toro liked their post for NIGHTMARE ALLEY’s release but hey that is for another time!


Hi James! I would like to start by thanking you for your wonderful work on Signal One! I have to admit to being a super fan. 

1- You launched in 2015, what caused this to happen? I have always wanted to have my own DVD/Blu Ray label. I felt that there were too many overlooked films , which were not getting the treatment they truly deserved.

2- What is the labels ambition for its releases? Our plan is to keep releasing classic & cult films. We want to make sure that we are releasing the best version of a film and do this by using the most knowledgeable people to help create our extra’s.

3- Nightmare alley is a popular choice and is coming up as one of your next releases. How do you select films? The main criteria is that it’s never been out on BR before in the UK. (It has been on DVD but wait until you see this release!) Secondly, we listen to our fan base, who luckily for us are very vocal about our film choices. Nightmare Alley is a result of speaking to them.

4- You cover a vast array of genre films, are they finally getting their dues now? Yes, I feel like we are definitely getting there. We have quite a few this year with significant worldwide Blu Ray premiers (Nightmare Alley being one of many!)

5- Some of the films you have released have not been treated well on previous releases, does this spur you on to make the releases as good as possible? Yes it does. We try to craft exclusive content and find new and fresh takes on films. We also continue to listen to our customer’s requests for which films need the Signal 1 treatment.

6- Others are moving away from the dual format, you are staying with it, why? Many of our films are from the late 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. The generation who originally watched these films in the theatres then are now in their 70’s +. The majority of whom probably don’t own Blu Ray and have only moved from VHS players to DVD players. It would be a shame for them to miss out on re watching some of their favourite films.

7- Is video on Demand (VOD) a prospect in the future for the label in the UK? cinema screenings a possibility? Not at the moment as we’ve just been concentrating on our Blu Ray releases but it is something that we may consider in the future as we continue to grow.

8- Any plans to release special editions of your back catalogue? (limited sleeves etc) Yes! We are looking at doing this but I don’t have a timeline for it just yet. I’m aware that some of the films are now getting 4K restorations and it would be great to re-release these films using the new masters.

9- You choose much of the box art work from theatrical posters, why? I’m a massive fan of keeping everything original, as it was intended by the studio/producers. We receive quite a lot of mail from our customers thanking us for keeping the original artwork. The view is also expressed by many film fans from the forums online.

10- How does Signal one select its extra content? Artwork and booklet contents? It can be very difficult to select extra’s, especially for the older films. Our main goal is to find people who are experts on that film or in the genre. We’ve been very lucky to work with so many talented and creative people. I also have to give a big thank you to our customers who are also writing in with ideas of who could contribute to our releases.

11- Anything else you can share with us? Our next big announcement is that we will be launching an online shop from our own website ( . We are also very excited about the release of The Three Faces of Eve on the 28th of May. This is from a new 4K master and it’s had a beautiful encode from David Mackenzie. In terms of future releases, I’m also happy to share that we will be releasing another Tyrone Power Film “The Razors Edge” this has been another film requested by our customers!

Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us!


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