Juliet of the Spirits Blu Ray review

Starring Fellini’s wife and muse, Juliet of the Spirits hits the screens on a new restored print and on Blu Ray (as well as a DVD for all those still not crossing over to the superior format. Giulietta (Giulietta Masina) is about to celebrate her wedding anniversary. Her husband Giorgio ( Mario Pisu) is a philandering man. Giorgio remembered the celebration but also seemingly cares little for it. He is among other things, an oppressive force in both their life together. Giulietta  begins to explore her inner self and its feelings toward her life, her husband and the friends she has always seen floating around her.

The confessional I stand in as a film reviewer often leads to exceptional truths being uttered. Sometimes these are unpopular truths as well. For one, I am not a fan of Fellini. His later work is far to fantastical and surreal to make me engage. I love surreal dont get me wrong. Fellini’s surreal is a circus of imagery and people, which often pulls me out of the film and disconnects me from it. I also cant connect with the lifestyles of the rich and utter emotionally vacant. It troubles me that the life of the middle class is seen as so rich in textures of visual luxury, yet so superficial because of this also. In Juliet, we do have some saving graces (for me that is). Giulietta Masina for one. She is stunning, fragile and enriches the viewing (listen to Kat Ellinger on her in the commentary). The other is the cinematography (sometimes spoiled by this transfer which is less clear and more distorted due to it being taken from a 35mm and then not enhanced.)

  • Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger (Diabolique)
  • video essay from Author, Critic and Oxford Professor Guido Bonsaver: “DAZZLING SPIRIT”


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