Jet Storm DVD review

You win a prize!

A plane filled with people are travelling to New York. The problem is that they all have secrets, lies, tensions and hidden desires. These would remain under the surface but for the angry father Ernest Tilley. His daughter was murdered in a hit and run, the vehicle that killed her was driven by a Mr Brock. He is seated on the plane and Tilley wants revenge. He has planted a bomb on the plane and refuses to tell anyone where it is. People want answers and they want them before the plane is sent crashing to earth. The passengers know that time is against them and tensions rises and starts to boil over. Now the plane is starting to fall apart and all the stories, surface angers and emotions explode. Now the pressure cooker is on and something will given. Are you able to stay the course?

Heres looking at you, Kid!

British film of the 50s was obsessed with British technology (The plane is Russian however!) and British legacy. Jet Storm can be said to expose both to the new world. Post war the dirty laundry of colonialism opened up the British empire to a session of reflection and catharsis. It saw great suffering revealed and allowed truths to rise to the surface. Jet Storm does the same under a very tense plot. The bomb is a Mcguffin of sorts, in that it is used to be the focal point for everyones fear and anger. They use this to rant, rage and final come to terms with their actions and activities. Attenborough is amazing and his performance here reminds me of his turn in 10 Rillington Place. He plays it as tightly as a coiled spring. He uses emotion repression to build tension. Cy Endfield should gain some credit for this as well. He cuts and edits with brillaince to heighten the performance. Stanley Baker is also very good. In fact the whole cast are extra ordinary and deserve much praise.

In the end this film is a tense, clever and well paced feature. A great film for the Sunday viewer, looking for the total sum to be completed in under 90 minutes and with a great deal said and done. This has been well preserved and proves that the Cohen film collection has some real gems init! Sadly they have under supplied on the extras but then they might feel the audience is not ready for it. I say that is so wrong the film is a must watch and should have been treated better.

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