Much circles the JEEPERS CREEPERS cinematic world. Of course it is not depending on the film and often what happened off screen that interests people. I will forgo the conversation on Victor Salva and his sexual desire for children. It is an uncomfortable and horrid affair. This has also been well publicised and not worth rehashing. Instead I want to discuss 101 Films re release of the film which set off a trilogy.

Darren (Justin Long) and his sister Patricia (Gina Philips) are on their way back home from school. Spring break is a time of fun and frolics. However their drive along the great American back roads, leads them across a horrid scene. A person dumping what appears to be bodies down a well. They go to check. The pipe is dirt ridden and rat infested but at the bottom of it, shocking things will be found. This will lead the creature to hunt them down. Never stopping. Never moving from his path.

I first saw JEEPERS back in 2001. A world away from today. Then it was a gore dripping, shock drenched film. Now it is a functioning horror film that is unbalanced and heavy. This is not to say it is not the best of the franchise, more to say that it did not hold up to seasoned viewership. The central monster is the best and most interesting part of it.

He is a menacing and evil beast. Liquid dripping down. Blood One that is unrelenting and omnipresent. He is also under utilised. A demonic creature that is less seen and under heard. Maybe it was sensible but it feels a missed opportunity. I do also remember the final scene, which still holds up. This is where seasoned horror film fans will adore the twist and the gore. These two pieces feel like they could have made a substantial film.


Deleted & Extended Scenes adds a note, but not much of one. The extended scenes are the thing that show how a good editor and a clever story teller, understand both pacing and film flow. From the eyes of any film theorist, it illustrates how acts and arcs are dull but necessary. Commentary with writer/director Victor Salva and stars Gina Philips and Justin Long been around before this has. I am not totally engrossed by the Salva stories of the making and melding of the film but Long and Philips have a chemistry and a laugh.


Special Features

  • Commentary with writer/director Victor Salva and stars Gina Philips and Justin Long
  • Commentary with director Victor Salva
  • Jeepers Creepers: Then and Now
  • From Critters to Creepers – An Interview with producer Barry Opper
  • The Town Psychic – An Interview with actress Patricia Belcher
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Bonus DVD: Behind the Peepers – The Making of Jeepers Creepers

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