Ironmaster DVD Review

Im2The beginning of human existence.  When neolithic man formed tribes, they were driven by rulers and power. When Ela and Vood are drawn into a leadership contest after the death of the leader, it seems clear Vood is not up to it. He loses and is banished to the volcanic tombs. When however he finds a metal sword that has been fashioned by natural activity, he decides to take back what he feels is his. Now Vood returns and banishes Ela to the forests filled with troglodytes and sets out taking over the world…..

IMHEAdThe Italian studios produced and released series of genre films that we copy + Paste versions of American or popular films of the period. Some of the most prolific directors could cross many in their lifetimes. After making Cannibal Ferox and the awful Nightmare City, Umberto Lenzi it had appeared was the victim of tired genre films. Some loved both these films but I preferred his Politizi films and his Warsploitiation films. However now I love this slice of neolithic sword and sandals gem, Ironmaster. It is bold, swaggering and action packed.

IM3It feels more tuned to what an audience wanted from its action epics and it delivers. The sword play cuts and slices and with a standout George Eastman as the sardonic bad guy, you are comfortable in its skin. Eastman was a regular in the industry and frequented a variety of sleazy and superhuman roles. This falls directly into the latter. A warrior who is nasty and Neanderthal in every aspect. He was made for it and he makes the film. He is the only actor that I could admit, pulls off the personality cult of a homicidal, megalomaniac leader…

IMbrWhat can be said about this release? Well I have nothing to connect it to. The film looked sharp and no colour or grading issues were to be found. I keep saying this but will repeat, the investment by the 88 guys is value added for the cult and alternative cinema. The interviews were standard and add little bits here and there. The booklet is something rare. An interesting piece about a little known element of cinema.


  • New Master Restored from the Original Camera Negative
  • Working with the Masters: an interview with Antonello Gelleng and Giancarlo Ferrando
  • Who is Sam Pasco and why is nobody talking about him? – Limited Edition biography notes by Fred Andersson
  • Reversible Sleeve with original LA GUERRA DU FER artwork
  • Region Code: ABC
  • Picture Format: HD 1080p 1.66:1
  • Audio Format: LPCM Mono
  • Language:  English
  • Certification: 15
  • Running Time: 98 Mins Approx


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