I am going to start by saying that this disc has zero extras and only has the film on the disc. In my humble opinion this is a waste of a series of opportunities to discuss this film in both its making and its wider context, especially post Brexit. You see the story of Ola (played with an intimacy and intelligence beyond her age by Zofia Stafiej) is the story of many around the world. The global remittance economy. She lives in one country (Poland) and her father lives in another (Ireland). He sends money home to Poland for her and her mother and disabled brother. This gives them a level of freedom, not experienced by many. When her father is killed in a tragic accident at work, she has to go to Ireland, in order to bring him back to Poland. She is seventeen and as the mother needs to stay, is the only person able to help bring him back. She has a little something riding on this as well mind. Her father is buying her a car and has saved money for that. Though she is not sure if it will be thee when she gets there. The objective is body, money, home, in that order.

This seems simple enough. And that is why Piotr Domalewski (the films director) is compared in the press briefing to Ken Loach (he is nothing like him in style or substance). Instead what we get is a emotionally resonating reflection on family, the global demand for labour and the process of how that moves families from ‘Nuclear’ to ‘Money clear’. This is the films strength. Its key point is that the dependency is also the suspension of attachment. Not intentionally but due simply to the act of being away from the person. Ola experience in Ireland is tinged with disappointment and truths that ignite the fragmented pieces of a daughter, trying to find who her father was and what he meant to her. I think that this is the strongest part of the film and might just make it the reason to watch.

I NEVER CRY leaves the viewer in no doubt that star Stafiej and director Domalewski, will be making many more films. But it also made me annoyed at the work of Montage, who have effectively said, we have a great film here. Then on the other hand said, just not one we care to invest too much time in.

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