Howard the Duck Blu Ray review

I created a series called Quacko about an duck that lived in a human world. It was inspired in no small part but 1986’s HOWARD THE DUCK. Inspired by the Marvel comic series and backed by George Lucas Lucasfilm, it is comically unbalanced but critically indestructible masterpiece. Taking the best and worst of the periods film output and creating something so distinct, even today they look at it in equally parts awe and disgust!

Howard the Duck erstwhile inhabitant of Duck world and now Earth based creature. His luck was really in when he found Beverley (Lea Thompson) walking home from playing a set at a local nightclub. She has a friend that might be able to help Howard return. However nothing ever runs smoothly. Be it love pangs, loony science geeks or even a really important gig that could bring fame and fortune. Will the duck with pluck return or will it be run amok?

Quacko was inspired by the never say die attitude of a person out of their comfort zone. HOWARD is exactly like that in the sense of its creators simply throwing everything at the film and hoping some of their loves, be it horror films, comics, slapstick comedy etc, stuck. As the really good commentary points out, a lot of it does work. When it really shouldn’t. They illustrate moments of sheer genius and sheer absurdity that would never pass now or even should not have then. Vic Pratt however underlines more than the commentary why its whole is so good. It is the clever human traits of Howard, lifted in part from other duck characters from film legend. That was genius

Brand New Extras

  • Howard: A New Cult Hero: Vic Pratt on Howard the Duck
  • Commentary with Wil Jones and Robert J.E. Simpson
  • Commentary with Charlie Brigden and Dan Whitehead
  • Limited edition booklet: includes ‘How The Duck Who Couldn’t Swim Survived a Sinking Ship’ by Lister Appleton and ‘The Madness of King George’ by Charlie Brigden

Additional Extras

  • A Look Back at Howard the Duck
  • Releasing the Duck News Featurette
  • The Stunts of Howard the Duck
  • The Special Effects of Howard the Duck
  • The Music of Howard the Duck
  • Teasers

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