The Housemaid Blu Ray review

Vietnam’s history compacted into a film that delves into how the past always haunts us. Linh (the simple beautiful and amazing Kate Nhung) has walked across the land to find a job at the country plantation of French captain Sebastian Laurent. Surprised by her appearance and her application, the head of the house tells her she can work on a trial basis. As she works Linh starts to see things that aren’t usual. The staff are aware of this and tell her that trouble plagues this place and a ghost stalks the rooms of the house.

Vietnam is a prisoner to its history. Hard situations had forced the hands of the population into action. It also forced out two empires and left both with comprehensive questions. Both had lead to a form of cathartic recourse. Now Vietnam and its film industry has started to reappraise the colonial era and its long term affects on society. The Housemaid is the nexus of the genre appraising of history. Director Derek Nguyen has moulded a passable horror yarn. The film is glossy and undulates with piled on jump scares that lack thought. However it does have a saving grace. This put simply is the choice of Kate Nhung. Nhung gives a performance that shifts between emotionally vulnerable and physically broken. Her use of body, eye line, inflection and that stalking power when faced with the supernatural. Her role defines the impact of the scares and stays with you.



  • Stunning 1080p presentation (On the Blu-ray), with a progressive encode on the DVD
  • 5.1 Surround and Stereo soundtrack options
  • Optional English subtitles
  • Trailer

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