Hot Pursuit Blu-Ray Review


Cooper dreamed of being a cop. Well she actually had little choice in the matter as from a very young age (1+), she had been on a continued drive along with her famous cop father. Now she is a cop and it is the evidence collection bin for her. The problem is that she tazered a guy and he caught fire because instead of how she heard it, he did not have a shotgun. He had a bottle of whisky and it spilled all over him. Whoops. Now she is given a second chance and the job to escort Daniella and her lawyer to a drug overlord husband to witness protection with an agent from the Marshalls office. Marshall Jackson needs a female office to sit along and simply not get involved. Now when they get to the house and the lawyer, Jackson stays with him and Cooper meets Daniella. It seems they wont get on. when however gunshots ring out and people die, they have to learn to be friends quickly.

Aye Carumba...

I dont find Modern Family funny, I dont find New Girl very entertaining. American television comedy is weak at the best of times and often caters to a VAST and BROAD audeince. That said, I knew what I was getting into with this film and it did do more for me than expected. I expected nothing and I got a knock about buddy comedy that is racist, sexist and just a little bit fun. It has Vegara as an annoying south American racial and cultural stereotype. That is a little offensive and she plays it in such a way as to focus on this. She is awful at the best of time and here she is terrible. Then we have Reese as a cop that is terrible. The problem is this is all gender bound, empty and duller than a white wall storytelling. Cardboard charaecters with no interest. Wait though, then the film got going and it had a laugh, then 2, then 3. Not great haha but tickles of laughs. These are good enough for a film like this as it only wants you to view it when you are down. It plays these well and it is its saving grace.

Ladies night...

Now the Blu ray looks good. The extras are fun. They act like each other in one and that made them more bearable. Then you have the out takes that are good and make it seem that they enjoyed the film making process.  The Womance is good fun agian. Now the problem is that if you do not care about the film, then you will not care about the extras. Simple.

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