Hired Wife DVD Review

HW2When Stephen Dexter (Brian Aherne) faces a major dilemma and could lose his beloved business, his lawyer suggests something. If he marries then he will be able to save the day. Kendal Browning (Rosalind Russell), his assistant jumps at the chance. The problem is that he wants it to be a sham marriage and she has other thoughts on her mind. If she opens her mouth, everything will be ruined. Its going to be bumpy but it will be hilarious never the less.

HW3Screwball comedies are often equal parts funny, silly and irratating. I disliked the Hepburn ones, as they are often idiotic and absurd. I like however the Grant films and that means I like Russell. She is charming, funny and a little bit of a minx. She plays tough but tender very well. She also has a quick wit and that helps when you are working with the rat a tat of the two way comic delivery. Here she excels with Aherne (another seasoned comedy person). Both make a film, which is silly and written for a broad range of viewer, extremely watchable. Everything else here blends but they make it such fun as to be the central reason for watching such a film. DVD print is grand but once again….No extras…

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