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hexheadWhen a young wife has been confined to bed with suspected TB and has to be cared for it causes conflicts. Firstly her husband becomes abusive to her servant, then her cousin comes to stay because her servant leaves and he is abusive to her. Then finally when they both have enough, they kill him and hide his body in a pond. Problem is, both are haunted by his dead spirit, come back for revenge.

hex1Hong Kong cinema meets French masterwork Les Diaboliques and then add melodrama of Sirk. 88 Films might just have found the core to their unique film collections with this sublimely unsettling blend of supernatural and sadistic. Hex crafts its unease by being present in one characters life. Revealing things that are unexpected, from utter horror of abuse to sexual degradation. This then flips and by shifting focus it compels us to be unsure of truth. This forces us to reassert the point of view and makes the unease even more disturbing.

hex2Now I know that the film has a few issues with the drama being high emotion overload. This is the dramatic style and should be taken as what it is. I also know the film has a crow barred in finale that feels as if the plot needed to be closed up. This is for other film watchers that want everything explained But overall it is a great, disturbingly well pieced together shocker that has been done before but not with the style or sexuality of this calibre. Excellent!

hdvd88 films have given us a set to die for. Great transfer on the Blu Ray that sings off the screen! Uncut and the return of the blood on the breasts business ( before the BBFC hated this…dont know why!) The other extras about the Shaw brothers are quite informative for the newly introduced to the work of the brothers Shaw. It is however the booklet by Calum Waddell that is a well worth additional to the set and one that I implore you to find. He has a love for the cinema of the east and an eye for the complexity of cinema art that is unseen by many.


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations of the Film
  • Restored HD master in original 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
  • Cantonese Soundtrack with English Subtitles
  • The studio that conquered a continent – An overview of Shaw Bros. with Bey Logan
  • Bey Logan on Hong Kong Movie language
  • Trailer88

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