Anime series that has proved popular in comic book and now on the small screen! A school for Superheroics is a place that many might not fit in! Children trained to become superheros because they have special powers via Quirks! Quirks in abundance and are go in the latest series of My Hero Academia! Izuku Midoriya is not a superhero and has no special powers (thanks to those Quirks). He however is in a world of super powers and super heroes. We are pushed into understanding long standing anger, revenge and seeing the attempt at coming together of the school for a sports festival (Episode 1), which will then cover half of the series from a Cavalry  battle, obstacle race and then one on one battles.

With a movie in development it was always a must to see the series that launched it! Also expected is the completion of a series that was left on a fine balance at the end of series one. Yes, yes, yes. The truth is I have reviewed this for my family and for one person in particular. Here we have the continuation of the series that feels like a cross between Harry Potter, X men and the DC universe. Things are resolved from the first series. From the rescue of the whole student body captured by Noumu at the end of season 1 (dont worry it s all caught up with in the first half of the series episode.) Shigaraki is still unbalanced and the rift is growing. Lets just set it up like this, it is going to be amazing!

The extras

Well its all good enough. The catch up intro is useful to people like me. The inside the episodes is a fan must in truth. The interview has weight enough to give you info on what is going on and what its influences are. The songs are great fun.




  • All 12 Episodes
  • Episode 13.5 “Hero Notebook”
  • 11 Inside the Episodes
  • Anime Expo 2017: Interview with Yoshihiko Umakoshi
  • Promo videos
  • Textless opening and closing songs.

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