Headshot Blu Ray Review

HS3Left for dead, an amnesiac wakes from his forced coma. He is riddled with scars. Bullets have struck his body and blood has seeped from his skin. A crime boss escapes from jail hell bent of blood letting. He is a one man death machine. Letting others shed their lives for him to gain freedom and payment. A doctor who has saved the amnesiac gets drawn into this world of violence and revenge. She cares too much for his life and that might be the undoing of her, when deaths hand comes to take payment.

HS1Fist smashing, bullet splitting violent ballet films are nothing new. Here we have a very skilled merge of all three elements to make an energetic but empty whole. Empty in the sense that it does not require complex thought. Not that we are expecting depth or dimensions in our character and directors Timo and Kimo understand this. They don’t waste time or tide with development as exposition draws every detail. The film is designed to be a package deal of great fight sequences, clever camera work and skilled choreography.

HS2Iko Uwais is the main reason for watching this film however (well also Chelsea Islan but thats a personal thing…). Iko has the grace of a dancer and the sheer power of a bulldoser. He also can act and gives a performance that manages that sheer and empty script well. Islan is also a delightful distraction and has the presence of an actress deserving better material. She has the connection but has no where to go…Shame as she can act and well. This makes the scenes between them worthy of better in truth.

All in all the film is a Sunday night romp that works if you require no other stimulus than that of violence and revenge.

Blu is empty…..

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