Happy Birthday To Me Blu Ray Review

hbtm1Its her Birthday and people are going to die if they want to…or even if they dont! Virginia is a nice girl at Crawford Academy and is the soul of the mixed gender group fun. The Top Ten female members of the college are a real bunch. Bernadette O’ Hara, Ann Thomason and Etinenne Vercours are the top three. When these girls start disappearing without a trace, many are perturbed. None more so then headmistress Mrs Patterson. Where are they going? What has started to happen to the boys of the group? Whose birthday party are they all going to attend?

hbtmheadSlasher films are a mixed bag and have two striking issues. Often the big catches are well known and then well recycled to death or they feature on that list of the DPP that herald a bag of treats and shite. HBTM is a better than average piece of slasher film stock. Directed by a heavyweight who took the piece seriously, starring some solid names who give solid performances, written well with an angle on youth and still simmering with sexuality and desire. It also has a little for the slasher thrill, kill fans in its executions of violence.

hbtm4Now the film does have some issues and these might leave the viewer in a suspended state of irritation. It has suspension of disbelief, in its pupils disappearing and no one seems to care much, which pulled me out. It also has the occasional over the top and then edge performance. These irritated and grated on me to the point where I wanted to run away. Overall however the film is a standout from a genre and time that was corrupted by awfulness.

hbtm2The Blu ray looks grand and sounds grand. It has a great booklet and I would focus on that as teh additional extras for me added little to the 1 hour 50 minutes film.

  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Booklet with new and archival contents
  • Dual format edition


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