Halloween feature 50 days, 50 slays! Day 6 HORROR STORIES! TRILOGY OF TERROR II

I will not flirt with you here. These sort of films are really a misnomer for many people that do not get horror but like a TV type of vibe. You might have seen Dan Curtis made for TV film TRILOGY OF TERROR starring Karen Black. If you have, then this is the sequel in the literally sense. If you haven’t, then it is a simple enough offer. Again a trilogy of stories, centred around the same actress. Again some very horrible tales to scare the pants off of you!

6 – TRILOGY OF TERROR II (Medium Rare)


As we said above. 3 stories of horror. The first involves a Rich man and his will, his loving widow (Lysette Anthony) who enjoyed the arms of another man and the watch that is attached to his now buried body. Que some mean rats (this is the best story of the bunch). The next sees a grieving mother (Lysette Anthony) raise her son from the dead via a black mass and a few candles. Problem is, he didn’t want to come back. The third, continues the story from the first trilogy and sees a menacing African tribal doll, kill his way through more victims. Well after he is taken to a researcher in the field (Lysette Anthony), to check out what he actually is. Each story runs at about thirty minutes and is chaptered.


Ok, if you know of Richard Matheson (writer of masterpiece I AM LEGEND) and like his written work. Then you will like much of this (he wrote one story and another was adapted from his work). Or if you know Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows anyone). A TV producer with a eye for the macabre! Then these tales are for you. They steer on the side of delightful and scary but not overly unpleasant to the mainstream viewer. So you could even invite your mum to watch.


All of the above but the rats win this battle!


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