Grave Robbers Blu Ray review

Grave Robbers has that delightful absurdity in its opening premise. A well to do man walks into a restaurant and talks to the waitress serving him. Hes tall, handsome and rich. He has his own chauffeur, limo and mansion. He is deeply sad as well. The thing he wants is a woman to love. They connect across the counter and he proposes to her (sounds like the dream of a thousand romantic comedies all come to fulfilment). He wants her to be his wife because she has something, something he has been searching for. Now after only the briefest of encounters, he has found it. She jumps at the chance and off into the sunrise they go. She will live the life of luxury, wealth and power. Well that is what at least you would think if this film were not an unhinged masterpiece of body gore and necrophilia. He runs a funeral home. He has an unpleasant group of friends and likes to get close to those recently deceased.

To get anything out of Grave Robbers, you have to accept a few points about the piece. Now I know that most of you know what to expect and will relish this but some have commented about certain films and well I for one am always fair in discussing films myriad expectations over actualities. Grave Robbers is incredibly absurd and a little unbalanced as a film. It is a cult film after all and Grave Robbers must be consumed as such. Straw Weisman is well known as a cult film activator/ director and writer. He has made recent films that are cult and will move swiftly to the classics. If you know Weisman’s style then you get that there will be an imbalance between narrative and absurdity. This means that Grave Robbers has, by this very nature, its cult roots not only in it’s very name but in the core creator. This said what you are getting with Grave is a slow boiler that flips a lot of things. Its supernatural without being so. Its body horror without the body horror. In parts it is a mix of psychological horror and others an amalgam of slasher films. It takes the horror formula and beats out the genres conventions. Making the horror more ludicrous and funny at the same time. Equally keeping the audience compelled.

Well the Blu ray looks great.The 2K from the camera negative has removed the dire dirt spilling across older versions. Its a piece of work that should be seen and loved by those in the know. Well done VS! The extras are a mixed bag but I loved the commentary from Straw. He keeps it lite enough to make it fun, looks at the way he shot the film with an eye for laughs and the stories about the town are excellent.

Directed by: Straw Weisman

1988 / 93 minutes / Color / 1.85:1 OAR
Combined cast: Elizabeth Mannino, David Gregory, Lawrence Bockius, Judith Mayes, Adam Wahl, Kelvin Keraga

Features Include:

• Region free Blu-ray/DVD combo
• Newly scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
• Commentary track with writer/director Straw Weisman
• “Digging Up the Past” – interview with Straw Weisman
• Director’s introduction
• Original video trailer
• Reversible cover
• English SDH subtitles


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