Gold Blu Ray Review

G1Kenny Wells (McConaughey) comes from a family of prospectors and miners. They set out to risk all. They risked and gained the reward. He however is guiding the family business into the abyss. His father died and took with him the talent of a businessman. His grandfather died years before and took the talent of a prospector with him. However the apple never rolls to far away. He has a dream. Of Gold in the jungle. He knows a man that might be able to reach it. So he risks everything to get what is his families prize, gold.

G2The film that flopped at the box office. The film that had McConaughey over weight and over act its way to oblivion. That is what the trades say. This is what I think. Gold is over long and over written. It confuses itself by trying to be clever. It lacks a good edit and pace. It is however a staggering achievement in cinematography, acting and direction. The film holds up but the above issues made me depressed enough to despair. It could have been more if treated right by its producers I guess.

G3McConaughey over embellish his character traits but it doesn’t grate. It makes for a rounding on a man that is really a failure. McConaughey actually makes him human and likeable. Human and almost a dreamer of tragic, absurd dreams. Dallas Howard has too little time on screen, she is a magnetic presence and gets little chance to flex that. Ramirez keeps pace but is playing against McConaughey tiger. The script however fail them and director Gaghan. Gaghan is a very good people director. He understands ebbs and flows of performance. He also understands building a scene but the edit fails again. Visually the film is stunning and i would point there as the place to look. That is the place to dig into.

The extras on the Blu are okay as is the transfer. The commentary is en lighting but not over ally interesting. The docs on the origins and the locations are good.

  • Origins of Gold
  • Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Locations of Gold

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