Going Bereserk DVD

GB3John Bourgignon finds himself in deepest, darkest Africa. He has found himself there because of a whole host of issues and problems. From the film producer that owns his cadi service vehicle wanting him to work on another kung fu action film, to the silly wedding antics of his best man and a hooker. The intervention of a crazy money making cult and the father of the bride hating him for his lack of earning capacity. He even has to take around an escaped prisioner (did I mention he was dead…) All in all a wild night…

GB2I like some of the best films the 80s had to offer. I hate however the naive, empty, idiotic lust for anything 80s and its adulation. The 80s were a terrible time for any person living through it and as such we looked for things that helped us overcome these awful things. Comedy was one such outlet and as such a massive series of films ventured forth. This film was one of those and it is not very good or to be honest funny. It has idiotic, offensive characters that embody many of the racial, cultural and gender stereotypes.

From its opening scene it is as offensive as can be. GB1From the black followers who bow down to the white god… I am saddened to say it but John Candy did far better films and was far funnier. Here he is obnoxious, annoying and acts like a OTT, drug crazed fool. The leering empty headed piece is so poor and dire that I failed to find much to give praise to. So I wont… The disc is vanilla and a staple of Simply Medias work….

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