Game Night Blu Ray review

Game Night : Verb 

A night where you, your friends and multiple others meet. You play games. You might drink. Someone might even be kidnapped. What the heck! That was not on the plan. Or was it? Well let us see. Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel Mac Adams) are pushed into having their usual game night at Maxs older brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler).

Its not all going to be easy however. They have other friends at the party. Roped in too play the game for laughs and later for just absurdity. Cue unexpected plot development and outrageous turn of events. Up pops Danny Huston and that odd vocal word finish…He never seems to end a sentence but discharge it like a gun. Then comes Michael C Hall and an air plane. Why? Well with a budget like this and 2 directors, I expect slight levels of psychosis were reached. We have a spiral of odd situations and absurdly hysterical set pieces because of this. Though thankfully they kind of connect together. The film is a bloated because of this. Everyone needs to make us laugh and the directors want us to know its not just a Bateman /Mc Adams vehicle. However it is still fun. Game Night keeps up with itself just. It upstages every stunt, pulls off every plot twists and keeps the viewer fixed. You might find it silly, sensational and flighty. You are welcome to. You might also find it the perfect Saturday night film, which needs no commitment and suspends disbelief enough to hold up to casual viewing. Yes it is dragged down by its length and its one dimensional characters but it is harmless fun…if not ridiculous…


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