From Other Worlds DVD Review

fow3Joanne Schwartzbaum is depressed. She is off her game and floats around life like a zombie. Frineds have noticed her strange behaviour. Her kids find her a little weird and her husband is also worried. Then she goes downstairs for a glass of wine because of insomnia and there she has an experience with a UFO. She might have been abducted or just dreaming. Now with the help of her support class for people affected by those monsters from the sky in UFOs, she might be able to get back to a normal life.

fowdWell it is hard to find much to gloat about. Simply media do find the odd gem but this is a sad case of missed chances. The director has made some great films and his She Devil film is a master piece. This film is dull, poorly directed, weakly plotted and above all not very funny. Comedy is a hard art and if placed in the middle of the road style of surburb blandness, can sink under this utter vapidness. Only clever satire can give this life and wit. This film lacks that and it is sad as I expected it. It also looks awful. The digital camera has made the usual cinematic artiface of reality fade and become like a 90s style crap tv show. I wondered why it was made and when investagations lead me to the original date of release being 2004 it struck. This has been in the bargin bucket of film titles for many a year and to be honest should have been left there. The disc is vanilla and that is probably because no one had the guts to speak in favour of this turd….

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