Friday Foster Blu ray Review

ff2Investigative photo journalist and certified lady fox, Friday Foster (Pam Grier) is always ignoring her bosses comments about staying out of trouble. Here Foster is sent to take some snaps of the worlds richest black man and instead she witnesses his assassination attempt. No only does she witness it, she has the pics of the ordeal and the culprits. Cue assassins trying to find and silence her, friends being murdered, lovers being loved and action galore.

ff4Blaxploitation was the strong Black persons core of exploitation cinema of the 70s. These were often great films that were simple plotted but ass kicking, action packed pieces with heavy political undertones and strong black leads. Pam Grier was a pivotal star and for me her best film BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA is a perfect example of the movement, its strengths and its content. Grier also starred in many other films but two great blaxploitation films, FOXY BROWN and SHEBA BABY are highly recommended.

ff3Well Friday Foster comes on the heels of the movements middle and commercial period. It featured stronger casts (Yaphet Kotto here is excellent) and bigger budgets set pieces. Friday Foster is also a delightful blend of the action of FOXY BROWN and the sexiness of SHEBA BABY . But the political edge is toned down a little in race terms and the conspiracy topic of the period creeps up instead. This is also how it plays portions of the plot in the script, with a soft and casual manner.

ff1 Based on a comic book you expect this and what makes the film strengths is its casts light treatment of the subject and script. Grier is well cast as the spunky journalist but she also adds tough, street smarts and keeps her energy throughout, uptempo and funny. It plays like a Saturday ride along and has the playful adventure of an investigation but with the exploits of a comic strip adventure it came from. The film never loses any of its gentle manner in that it is an action film for a broad audience and fans of the books.  Though not the best of the bunch, Foster is a welcomed companion.

88 Films Blu Ray looks grand and the transfer is a joy to watch. Not much else in the extras though….

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