Final Recall DVD review

FR1Aliens are coming to take on the human race. Why is that? Well they want food and want to take our planet. They have taken the Mir space station that orbits the planet. Dealing with the all American crew who we thought might have saved the day. Now a group of teenagers, who have gone out to the woods to have fun are about to face them head on. The aliens arrive and as suspected they wont be stopped easy.

FR2Wesley Snipes is the main selling point here. Be that the ad team or the film makers. To be honest he is the reason for many and for me he is a film sensation in a way. He has a presence like no other in an action film. He gets what he is doing and gives it that required persona. He is an actor who knows his audience and like his production company, knows where that is best suited.

TR3Now the other point to touch on is the production values. They aren’t trying to be studio, big budget worthy. They are physical, glossy and punch a little above their weight. They are intensely simple to the seasoned viewer but service this film very well. The sad truth is however, they make the film feel what it is. A 90’s action film that is about 20 years too late.

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