Female Vampire AKA Bare Breasted Countess DVD Review

FV3A woman in the woods walks toward the screen. She is naked bar from a cloak and a belt. She stares at us with eyes of blackest night. Sex is on her mind and in her smile. She wants you. She wants her. She wants him. She finds a man in an allotment and devours his flesh. Then she devours his blood and like that she is ready to kill more. She is Female Vampire

FV2Jesus Franco was a film maker like no other. He worked with Welles, made hard core porn, directed films with a range of motivations. This showed in his lesser works but in his best film, he made some of the great genre pieces of his time. He wasn’t all masterpiece and mediocrity however and some times he pushed out an average film. This is kind of average. It has some moments of pure visual thrill but also a lot of the sexual dynamic of the seventies. Female bodies are sexual tools but they transgress and control. The vampire is a seductive beast but they are tempered by rebelling against the convention. The sex is long and often dull but the sexuality is awesome…

FV4The disc has not been supplied to us but I could tell from the below extras that if you A) love Franco or B) love cult horror then the direction is pointing to this. Female Vampire on disc comes with a nice widescreen transfer of a print that goes on longer than any previous UK release (though it runs 94 mins, not the 101 listed on the cover); an alternate opening sequence (with the title The Bare Breasted Countess); a fairly complete list of Franco credits; a French trailer

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