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Radio, as Oliver Stone’s TALK RADIO pronounced is about shock and awe. It is also about revenue and that means bums on seats or maybe people listening. Via ears on headsets, radio’s, phones or any number of devices connected to the internet. FEEDBACK channels this narrative for the post Brexit, Post Trump generation of listeners. Jarvis Dolan (Eddie Marston) is the cream of the crop. Since Brexit he has taken to fight the establishment in the UK with his radio show. Now the problem is that he attracts vile words from some and vitriol from other. It has estered to the point that he was attacked in the street. On his retunr it seems the audience now need stimuli that is beyond the simple reiteration of facts but they want opinion, clashes, controversy.  So he is teamed up again with his former shock sidekick Andrew Wilde (Paul Anderson). The station DBO see this as a bonanza of out shocking their rivals. Others might just want to take this mantle.

Spanish director Pedro C. Alonso had directed two shorter films before coming to the table with this horror film.  The canvas of modern political conversation, via the lense of the shock jock, crafts a modern Brexit fable. Themes which are current, from historic sexual abuse, modern political discourse and star secrets. Alonso seems to have used the claustrophobic atmosphere in myriad and successful ways. Gleaning details of character, climate and craft. It slips occasionally however. The length is the main issue. He has to extend a 60 minute film TV episode, into a 90 minute piece. Though the craft and textures are there, it is not enough to make it totally effective. Making it totally cohesive. The more it rolls on, the more it becomes flabby. Making it bloated. This all said, Alonso film just about gets by. He is helped by stellar casting and direction. This sometimes creates a very tense and other times unsettling world.Sometimes horrible. Sometimes awful.



Signature Entertainment presents Feedback on Digital HD 26th August 2019

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